A Fall Afternoon in Bruges, Belgium

After a six month break from transatlantic hopping, this trip to Europe is one for the books. With each day here (currently writing from London), I’m more aware of how fortunate I am to call Europe one of the main stages of my life; there is no romance like it. 2018 taught me many things, but mainly: my life is best balanced between the US and Europe, and it’s a non-negotiable part of my happiness and creative process.

Fall in Europe is my favorite season. The north is perhaps the only place I know that truly rivals New England’s changing of leaves. Combine the autumn atmosphere with hopping between old bookstores. Devouring warm croissants every morning. Extra hot and frothy cappuccinos. Early morning strolls along rivers. Collecting treasures for Christmas gifts. Sidewalk lunches with old friends. That’s fall in Europe.

Many readers recommended Bruges, Belgium – and thank you. This fairytale worthy town (with so many echoes of French and Dutch influence) had me feeling I was in a scene from Beauty and the Beast. Medieval, enchanting and architecturally wondrous, it easily has a forever spot on my top 10 favorite small towns in Europe, with only Hallstatt, Austria producing equal amounts of magic. 

The day wasn’t spent with too much agenda. The days of cramming a million tasks into travel are long gone, and currently I thrive for the local experiences (for KG.com) in combination with endless walks, writing from sidewalk cafes, meetings and researching for my novels (which are, fittingly, entirely set in Europe). I don’t foresee that routine encountering deep changes as I progress in my writing career; I’m blissfully fine with that. 

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  • Rainy afternoons in London are for rendezvous tea dates or writing sessions at The Goring Hotel. My table is the one by the fire, where I’m either writing, flirting or plotting. All while drinking copious amounts of tea. Nothing in between 💋🇬🇧 #WritersLife
  • “If I’m honest I have to tell you I still read fairytales, and I like them best of all” -Audrey Hepburn ✨🍂✨
  • A peculiar mademoiselle // For those just joining the adventures, my name is Kortney and I’m an American gal writing my first novel and celebrating classic elegance every day. I divide my time between Charleston, NYC and Europe. I read too much. Always overly curious, always hunting for coffee, always romantic 💋
  • Sorry IHOP, Belgian waffles are superfluously more satisfying in Belgium. Hopping on a train to see Meghan Markle now 💋
  • That “I voted early so now I’m in Europe” glow. Exercise your rights. Make change. What happens in America ripples throughout the world💪🏼 #govote🇺🇸

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