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Our rental house is in Mt. Pleasant, a popular Charleston neighborhood between historical downtown and Sullivan’s Island. Working from the house most days, I make a priority to take a beach walk with the dogs at sunrise or sunset (both sufficiently steal one’s breath). The frequent and nearly continuous access to the Atlantic shoreline has has changed my relationship with the sea. Nothing quite resets my heartbeat, priorities and perspective like crashing waves against the shoreline…and the comforting thought that Bill Murray lives here too (fact).

For those not familiar with Charleston, it’s a fairly vast city. It boasts three destinations for prime Atlantic shoreline — Sullivan’s Island, Isle of Palms (IOP) and Folly Beach. Our preferred, without debate, is Sullivan’s Island. The white seashore is pristine, dolphin spotting guaranteed, restaurants which rival NYC hotspots (not remotely joking) and it was on the island, during one of Charleston’s famously fiery sunrises, that we decided to take an extended city break in the south. As we head home to NYC in spring, I’m grateful I stepped over my, admittedly, bratty city attitude to experience life in the south. I’m even slightly panicking because I know my ocean sunrises won’t be a part of my morning coffee run in Manhattan; how do humans live without that?

I’ve learned…your bones don’t know enchanting until you experience a southern summer thunderstorm…or take an afternoon nap as an orchestra of cicadas give you a personal performance. You never respect nature’s power until an Atlantic hurricane pummels pecans onto the roof to the beat of an AK-47. You don’t know southern beauty until you watch Spanish Moss dance on a live oak. You don’t know American history until you walk in the footsteps of slaves who sought freedom. You don’t know American cuisine until you’ve had southern BBQ, fried green tomatoes and buttermilk biscuits. You don’t know proper etiquette until you attend a Charlestonian dinner party in an antebellum mansion. You don’t know good men until you instinctively understand the difference between Rhetts and Ashleys. Add pushing a boat out of a sandbank at low tide (just wait for the tide to come back FYI) and making y’all a guest word in vocabulary…Charleston gave me southern trophies I’ll forever cherish.

On the second week of every month, I’ll be announcing a new editorial theme in the romantic jet-setter narrative to celebrate all month long. Be sure to sign up to my newsletter, as KG subscribers will be the first to know the story to be told.

January’s Story: A Southern Romance

I’m looking forward to these next couple weeks, telling you the story of Charleston and why it’s a destination I believe preserves the summit of American elegance, artisanship and classic style. Also coming this month to KG.com:

  • A new vintage fashion column that celebrates America’s most glamorous style icons and jet-setters. Spoiler alert: recreates.
  • A full comprehensive guide to my Charleston, including where to dine, explore, shop, entertain and experience the best of modern southern luxury. I’m awed by this town’s fervent dedication to preserving the art of American hospitality.
  • The deep exploration of classic southern elegance, style, beauty and entertaining.
  • A few magical southern travel moments beyond Charleston

Wishing you all a gorgeous Friday and a criminally cozy weekend. I can’t wait to tell the story of my southern affair next week.




  1. briana wrote:

    As a born and raised southerner, I am so excited about this series! The south is truly a magical place.


    Posted 1.16.19

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  • “One of my favorite things about female writers, about writers in general, about people who take what’s happened to them and they process it and they put it out into the world...is if you write, you can turn your lessons into your legacy.” -Taylor Swift. Her albums always, without fail, paint a musical narrative to complement whatever stage I’m personally and professionally journeying through. Can’t wait for my window seat airplane hours on Friday, listening to her new stories which will inevitably be the soundtrack to so many romantic, cinematic, modern jetsetter moments in Europe this summer. The life of a writer is the only life for me. xx 💋
  • Coffee date in the Italian Riviera, anyone? Every day in Italy starts with finding the perfect cappuccino. Three insider rules for Italy visitors to find that perfect frothy dream: 1️⃣ Don‘t be confused by the word “bar” (this is an Italian café and the center of social life for locals) 2️⃣ Venture away from the city center to find bars where the locals go; you should always pay less than €2 for a cappuccino. Tourist hotspots charge up to €7 and often a far cry from true Italian coffee culture 3️⃣ Do order a cornetto to go with your coffee; one must do as the Italians do 🥐☕️ 🇮🇹
  • With a summer in Italy around the corner, I’m quickly adapting to CPSR diet: cappuccino, pasta, spritz, repeat. May can’t come soon enough. Stay tuned to the blog this week for a guide to one of Italy’s most coveted destinations, my Nonna’s gnocchi recipe, weekend reads and our big wedding destination reveal (+ a little official change to our addresses in the world). #ModernJetsetter 💋
  • There is no destination in the world sweeter than the one I experienced today: next to my little brother’s side when he  found out he’s having a little baby boy - in the most country way ever. Thank you Kelsey for loving my brother the way you do, being an instant sister and for already being the most incredible mama to our Kipton. We can’t wait to spoil that boy with our love (and plenty of storytime with aunty in between duck hunting season). I love you three with all of my heart xx
  • Charleston is a perfect confluence of elegant southern tradition and European influence, especially when it comes to the food scene. Every time I discover a perfect charcuterie board or Aperol Spritz (far too often) it reminds me how short that Atlantic bridge between the USA and Europe is. During the next chapter of Modern Jetsetter, home time will be spent discovering the creme-de-la-creme of American living, and the million cultural pieces, flavors and patterns that make up our gorgeous presentation 🍷💋(food scene spotted st @goatsheepcow - one of my favorite Charleston restaurants)

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