Boone Hall Plantation in Charleston

Whenever I ponder the exact moment I fell in love with Charleston, it would be cruising down the cinematically swoon-inducing driveway of Boone Hall Plantation. I’ll never forget the vision of Spanish Moss draping the thick canopy of live oaks, swaying gently with the nearly imperceptible breeze from nearby the Atlantic coast. Daniel aimed to surprise me that day by giving me a “The Notebook” tour (the film was created in several spots throughout Charleston, including Boone Hall), but in true annoying habit, I guessed every surprise of the day. I was more impressed by the historical feast over Gosling’s old haunts. Nonetheless, this historical gem epitomizes southern romance. We’ve returned a handful of times since, and are now planning our wedding reception here for our American family, and our European one in Italy.

Founded by Englishman general John Boone in 1681, Boone Hall Plantation is one of America’s oldest working farms; it’s particularly celebrated for it’s pecan and cotton harvests. Walking the evergreen grounds of this farm is a living juxtaposition of southern opulence and echoes of African American plights; and if anything, it’s honest. We are a country rooted in both glory and faults. We are a quilt of mistakes and wars for the better. There are endless layers to the moral makeup of this country, but we do have one truth: light always triumphs dark, and historical accountability and celebration of diversity is our strength.

The south was an important stage to my own history this summer. I went into 2018 having a very strict 12-month plan of what would unfold (a routine that’s worked since college), but life had its own lessons to teach me — mainly, that character and success isn’t defined by plans fulfilled or prompt deliverance of heart’s desires, but rather how you navigate adversity with grit and grace to fight for them. There were moments where I felt I was drowning in changes both personally and professionally, but one thing I know for sure…life doesn’t give you trials or tribulations without reason. They come as preparation for something much bigger than yourself, and often act as a imperceptible breeze pushing you toward your destiny. Much like how the wind swept through the Spanish Moss on the Live Oaks the first day we visited Boone Hall, unaware to what exactly I was surrendering to.

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  • Trips with the brilliant @paisleygamble never disappoint. Our last girls trip in  France was everything. My heart was enduring a hurricane and everything in my life - without exception - turned into a phenomenon I can only describe as an upside down Christmas tree with the needles everywhere. Still, the laughter, conversations, reflection and fearless exploring fed my spirit and it turned into the best trip of my life. This time in Italy, I’m full of nothing but lightness and gratitude for the places, miracles & moments my heart and mind have experienced. When life gives you a lesson, pay close attention to the people who stay in your corner, hold a mirror to your face and make sure you never forget the woman you are or what you’re capable of. We like stunning, we like shining; no hurricane stands a chance at dimming that light 💫
  • Verbrachte den Tag mit langen Spaziergängen... Mathematik in meinen Gedanken und füllte mein Herz und meine Augen mit Alpinlicht // Spent today on long walks...doing mathematics in my thoughts and filling my heart and eyes with that alpine light xx (nurturing my German on this trip) 💋
  • We‘re far from the shallow now 🎼🏔💋 // Palm trees against is real. Spending a few more quiet days in the summit of Bolzano to write important alpine novel scenes, reflect and steadily prepare for the wonders of 2019. 😌
  • We drove narrow snowy alpine backroads to the summit of the mountain range that separates Italy and Austria 🇮🇹🇦🇹 Village hopping, country music, halting for cows, making wishes in tunnels...🏔No matter how high or treacherous the path, a gal must never leave roads unexplored. Forge new paths when old ones end. Conquer summits with smiles. Mountains were made for powerful hearts and quick minds...and New Yorkers 😉💋
  • That darling walk through Bolzano ♥️

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