Gift Guide: 20 Products I Own and am Obsessed With

Instead of rolling out a procession of gift guides this year, I want to focus on the products I’m actually obsessed with and reach for on a daily or weekly basis. These products are tried and truly the ones which have a non-negotiable place in my suitcase. Days as a writer and business owner aren’t always predictable, but these little magic staples keep my classic style put together. 

From beauty products to accessories, I’ve grown to be fiercely selective with the products I make a part of my lifestyle. I’ll breakdown my essentials and why I swear by them; Here at, I’ll never lead you astray. Here are the basic essentials that make everyday travel life more luxurious: 

Monogrammed Luggage Set / Mark and Graham: When I was studying in college up and until a couple years ago, my luggage situation was definitely the best deal I could find at TJ Maxx. However, when I made the dive for a proper luggage set, I felt like it was a huge service to my inner jet-setter. I love this set in particular because it’s durable, has a classic vintage touch and easy to clean. 

Leather Passport Cover / Mark & Graham: Another one of my favorites from M&G, this passport case is simple, a touch french (oui, oui) and has a monogram option – an option I’ve learned to embrace whenever possible. This makes great gifts for girlfriends or a classic stocking stuffer.

Rewined Candles: I believe in taking your favorite candle everywhere in the world. This beloved Charleston brand is one I discovered during our time here and I’m a forever fan, especially of their “spiced cider” and “rosé” scents. Soy based and made with 100% recycled materials. Celebrate local brands whenever you can.

Quilted Pullover / Patagonia: I’m a creature of habit. On those writing days sans meetings or a casual day of running errands, my Patagonia pullovers are the standard uniform. They pair well with everything, even with skirts and fleece-lined leggings.

Chiara Polarized Sunglasses / J.McLaughlin: I was a Chanel or Prada sunglasses gal for years…but I could never find a polarized pair (AKA the real sun protection). I fell in love with this pair via J.McLaughlin while in New England and am completely obsessed. They flatter every face shape on your Christmas list.

Fitted Wool Blazer / Ralph Lauren: My cold-weather style staple in every situation, I bring my fitted wool blazer everywhere. It’s a simple way to elevate every outfit to effortless, everyday regality. 

“Neverfull” Leather Tote / Louis Vuitton: Anyone who travels with me will attest this tote bag has endured everything. This Louis Vuitton classic is never goes out of style and is literally never full (I weight it at 25 pounds at the airport one time; it doubles as an impromptu carry-on when you’ve shopped too much). It’s on its fifth year of life and the moment it retires, I’ll buy the same exact tote again.  

Kindle Papernote: It was hesitant to switch from physical books to this, but for the traveling book fiend, it’s a game-changer. I find the Kindle to be more comfortable for the eyes than the iPad if you read like I do (a few hours at a time). 

24K Gold Curling Iron: The only heat I allow me hair is via my beloved curling iron (I need my waves). This was originally gifted to me by my best friend in college and endured six years of foreign electricity and suitcase treatment. It finally broke in London last month and I replaced it with the same exact one. It leaves my hair criminally soft, healthy and shiny. 

Gemstone Statement Earrings / J.Crew: I’ve been a fan of vintage-inspired earrings since I was in high school (old soul) and J.Crew always has sparkly options. My wardrobe is quite neutral so it’s the statement accessories that carry my style. This timeless crystal-pearl-combo is my favorite pair. Pro tip: J.Crew always has great sales going on, so don’t ever buy full price. 

Burberry Watch:This watch pairs perfect with a neutral wardrobe and is, no pun intended, the timeless gift.

Morrocanoil Hair Treatment: For those asking how I keep my hair so thick and shiny, this is my miracle. I started using this one year ago and my hair has never been healthier or longer (and I went from blonde to brunette and back this year). I use it both after washing my hair and once a day before I style. It leaves hair soft and fresh, never oily.

Sugar Lip Treatment / Fresh: This tinted lip treatment is everything. It just enough color, important SPF and keeps lips super moisturized. I always have it in my purse. It comes in a variety of hues for every style; I personally love the richness of spice

Kate Spade Initial Notebook: I can’t say this notebook will last long and I change it up every couple months or so, but both Kate Spade and Anthropologie are usually my go-to destinations for inspiring stationery (which makes me drool). 

Caudalie Beauty Elixir: Another takeaway from a spa weekend in France, this spray is a true treasure. A coveted concoction used by royalty for centuries, Caudalie bottled it and it’s now a cult product for good reason. It gives a dewy, refreshed glow and feeds your skin essential minerals. 

Essie “Ballet Slippers”: Bold seasonal colors don’t hold well for the hustling gal (and it doesn’t matter if you’re wearing head-to-toe Chanel, if you have chipped nail polish, style game over). I used to switch up neutral colors but  once read that Queen Elizabeth wears only this color…so I figured it’s appropriate for conquering the world. I keep a bottle of it in my makeup bag. 

Classic Burberry Scarf: You’re probably gathering by now I have a few go-to brands. Burberry is timeless English design and once I bought this cashmere classic at Harrods, I knew it was one of my best purchases. The quality is unparalleled and it instantly elevates every cold-weather outfit. 

Hypnotic Poison Eu du Toilette by Dior: This is my signature scent and no matter how many times I try to switch it up, I always come back to Hypnotic Poison. It’s a delicious cocktail of spice, vanilla and deep woody notes. It’s one of those perfumes that you are constantly asked about, and it’s always a hit gift.

Cozy Plaid Slippers / J.Crew: I need to travel with slippers, and these are a great deal (currently on sale for $19 and I have them in every color). It the little details that make a hotel room or Airbnb feel like home.

Caudalie Miracle Moisturizer: I was recommended this product after a spa session in France, and I’m HOOKED. Super creamy and luxurious, I wear the Resveratrol Lift Night Infusion Cream both day and night (an anti-aging trick I learned in a Town & Country article which has completely transformed my skin.  


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  • “One of my favorite things about female writers, about writers in general, about people who take what’s happened to them and they process it and they put it out into the if you write, you can turn your lessons into your legacy.” -Taylor Swift. Her albums always, without fail, paint a musical narrative to complement whatever stage I’m personally and professionally journeying through. Can’t wait for my window seat airplane hours on Friday, listening to her new stories which will inevitably be the soundtrack to so many romantic, cinematic, modern jetsetter moments in Europe this summer. The life of a writer is the only life for me. xx 💋
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  • Charleston is a perfect confluence of elegant southern tradition and European influence, especially when it comes to the food scene. Every time I discover a perfect charcuterie board or Aperol Spritz (far too often) it reminds me how short that Atlantic bridge between the USA and Europe is. During the next chapter of Modern Jetsetter, home time will be spent discovering the creme-de-la-creme of American living, and the million cultural pieces, flavors and patterns that make up our gorgeous presentation 🍷💋(food scene spotted st @goatsheepcow - one of my favorite Charleston restaurants)

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