My Goals in 2019 & The Question to Ask Yourself

2019 is a blank page. Add the ink of hard work and penmanship of your individual intentions, and absolutely everything is possible. For any writer, creative, business owner or perpetual doer, a New Year will illicit a quiet power within us. Ride every wave that power takes you for the next 365 days…especially the terrifying waves that carry you far from your comfort zone (which is the spiritual equivalent of staying in the same small town your entire life).

I’m starting the year with the center of my energy being my novels. Finishing the first, finding the perfect agent to represent that story, selling that story and growing to inspire you dramatically in 2019. I hope my voice always makes you believe in living romantically, cinematically and with an unapologetic propensity to indulge in worldly curiosities. This year includes plenty of New York and luxury escapes in Europe…but also exploring the unknown. South America, Middle East and Asia all being on the itinerary. I’m hungry for new experiences and impressions. Other goals:

Language // I fell in love with France last year and while my brain isn’t hardwired for it, I might give it a dare. I want to explore my sensuality and passions this year, and no language quite opens up that part of the soul.

Reading // My reading goal is 60 books this year, including more titles in my genre and a rich immersion in the classics. Ready to sunbathe this summer with Austen and Bronte in my tote.

Writing // Finish and edit my first novel completely. Find my agent (the agent I’ll carry through my career; I know he or she is out there). Sell it. Immediately get started on an even greater story.

Business // Celebrate my brand’s refined direction unapologetically and be relentlessly selective with the brands I collaborate with and who I involve in the publishing path of my books. I know this roster of brands, businesses and people will be ones I’m thrilled to celebrate in my everyday life. & brand // Write sans the influencer BS and live, share and inspire in the way powerful women (all of us) need to be inspired. My voice has been rather guarded for the first two years of this website and I catered to what I thought best without digging into the mud and discovering what hasn’t been done. It’s time to elevate the realness.

Fitness // I’m going to get fit AF this year by the way of BBG (love the app) and Orangetheory and run the NYC marathon. That includes shedding my own excuses and breaking up with the emotional routine of soothing myself with croissants. Bye.

Self-Care // In the past I would feel guilty for indulging in spa time and luxurious pampering. Now, I don’t care how pretentious or self-indulgent I seem. Every woman deserves it and if you have the opportunity to give yourself extra self-care, do it. Also going to try to add a strict yoga routine and more beach weekends into my life to stay ahead of my anxiety.

Beauty & Style // I’m going to find my signature beauty routines and styles across the spectrum. Overhauling my wardrobe to only styles that make me feel brilliant, regal and breathtaking.

Travel // I’m planning my travels this year with experiences in mind first. Coffee plantations, sleep under the stars in the Sahara desert, take my husky sledding through Canada, drive in a vintage Porsche alongside the Monaco coastline, definitely stay in the Ritz again, explore luxury chateaus in the English countryside…

Family & Friends // More time with them period. More trips. More holidays. More priority. As for friendships, 2018 definitely taught me the type of substance I want in friendships and the type of friend I want to be. Looking forward to building that tribe in NYC and around the world.

Technology // Pinpoint the apps that make my life easier. Take more iPhone photos for website & social (the big camera is becoming less relevant for real moments & the quality insanely advanced).

Social life // Tons more networking, conferences, events and galas.

Philanthropy // Find an organization which supports the creative and educational pursuits of young girls growing up in low-income communities and become regularly involved.

One question I think we should all ask ourselves at the beginning of the year: What’s my story? Whether your previous years were riddled with challenge or blissful happiness, imagine the legacy you want to leave the world. Are you celebrating yourself? What moments do you want to punctuate your plot? What is your gift to give? Are you serving that gift? Above all, are you serving others? No matter what your profession, I firmly believe we’re all given a gift. The courage to follow that gift leads to making the world just a touch brighter.

The beginning of the year is always the perfect time to realign with your purposes both grand and small. It makes all the difference, and remember: you are in charge of your storyline. Not your friends, not your family, not your husband, not your boss and not the people you compare yourself to on Instagram (for the love of God, stop that). Jump. Fan you inner fire. Believe in yourself.

xx KG

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  • “One of my favorite things about female writers, about writers in general, about people who take what’s happened to them and they process it and they put it out into the if you write, you can turn your lessons into your legacy.” -Taylor Swift. Her albums always, without fail, paint a musical narrative to complement whatever stage I’m personally and professionally journeying through. Can’t wait for my window seat airplane hours on Friday, listening to her new stories which will inevitably be the soundtrack to so many romantic, cinematic, modern jetsetter moments in Europe this summer. The life of a writer is the only life for me. xx 💋
  • Coffee date in the Italian Riviera, anyone? Every day in Italy starts with finding the perfect cappuccino. Three insider rules for Italy visitors to find that perfect frothy dream: 1️⃣ Don‘t be confused by the word “bar” (this is an Italian café and the center of social life for locals) 2️⃣ Venture away from the city center to find bars where the locals go; you should always pay less than €2 for a cappuccino. Tourist hotspots charge up to €7 and often a far cry from true Italian coffee culture 3️⃣ Do order a cornetto to go with your coffee; one must do as the Italians do 🥐☕️ 🇮🇹
  • With a summer in Italy around the corner, I’m quickly adapting to CPSR diet: cappuccino, pasta, spritz, repeat. May can’t come soon enough. Stay tuned to the blog this week for a guide to one of Italy’s most coveted destinations, my Nonna’s gnocchi recipe, weekend reads and our big wedding destination reveal (+ a little official change to our addresses in the world). #ModernJetsetter 💋
  • There is no destination in the world sweeter than the one I experienced today: next to my little brother’s side when he  found out he’s having a little baby boy - in the most country way ever. Thank you Kelsey for loving my brother the way you do, being an instant sister and for already being the most incredible mama to our Kipton. We can’t wait to spoil that boy with our love (and plenty of storytime with aunty in between duck hunting season). I love you three with all of my heart xx
  • Charleston is a perfect confluence of elegant southern tradition and European influence, especially when it comes to the food scene. Every time I discover a perfect charcuterie board or Aperol Spritz (far too often) it reminds me how short that Atlantic bridge between the USA and Europe is. During the next chapter of Modern Jetsetter, home time will be spent discovering the creme-de-la-creme of American living, and the million cultural pieces, flavors and patterns that make up our gorgeous presentation 🍷💋(food scene spotted st @goatsheepcow - one of my favorite Charleston restaurants)

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