What I’m Reading in February

Everyone is preaching that January was the longest month on record (note the hyperbolized meme floating around). My January, however, felt fleeting. I’m sure that’s majorly attributed to the fact I spent the entire duration in the climates of Charleston and Scottsdale — sans polar vortexes. It was so fleeting that I only managed to fit in four books off my reading list. Aside from writing, reading is a writer’s most important job, so I’m looking forward to giving major TLC to TBR pile. Here are the five books already on my Kindle or packed in my suitcase (as always, three fiction and two non-ficiton):

Gilded Wolves by Roshani Chockshi

YA isn’t the genre I typically reach for but the buzz of this New York Times bestseller couldn’t be ignored. I’m only half way into this dazzling, fantastical escape and it’s the perfect literary potion of seriously delicious prose, unputdownable plot and gorgeously developed characters. All set in 1889 Paris, and Paris is always a good idea (especially when Chockshi takes you there).

The Dreamers by Karen Thomas Walker

I know once I pick this one up I’m stuck in a rabbit hole. A sleeping epidemic hits a town in Southern California, leaving many of its residents in a perpetual slumber (and a hyperactive state of dreaming). Terrifying and provocative, and I’m so ready for it.

One Day in December by Josie Silver

I feel like reading this is seasonally appropriate as long as the Hallmark channel is still airing Christmas movies (which, btw, it is). I’ll probably sneak this London-based love story in ASAP before Valentine’s Day. This love story starts when a commuting Londoner has a “love at first sight” moment with a man outside the bus window. Charming, adorable and required for superfluous romance endorphins.

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo

When I found myself in happy Netflix tears (not sure what hormones bit me) over this Japanese dreamboat woman, I knew I had to immediately own her book. I am currently in the midst of gracefully letting go of everything in my life that doesn’t spark joy or serve toward my big picture. While her art focuses on the Japanese ways tidying up the home, I believe Kondo’s magical method can bring a deeper joy at every level of life.

How Not to Die by Michael Greger M.D.

I’m a stubborn, skeptical-of-everything-I’m-told woman. After reading only a few pages in a sampler last month, and the indisputable facts within it, I’m going 100% vegetarian. I can’t wait to read the rest.

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  • On this day in 1945 the regime of Mussolini fell and Nazi occupation, and all the horrors that implies, ended. Liberation Day. My Nonna told me stories of this moment, the wine that flowed, the songs sung, the dancing in the streets and the waving Italian and American flags from every balcony...and my heart is with every heart touched by WWII and that historic moment a seemingly endless night ended. This country has such a a big part of my past, and after patience, dream mapping and the hard work of a promise made in Portofino, such a big place in my future and that of our family. Per Italia 💋🇮🇹
  • “One of my favorite things about female writers, about writers in general, about people who take what’s happened to them and they process it and they put it out into the world...is if you write, you can turn your lessons into your legacy.” -Taylor Swift. Her albums always, without fail, paint a musical narrative to complement whatever stage I’m personally and professionally journeying through. Can’t wait for my window seat airplane hours on Friday, listening to her new stories which will inevitably be the soundtrack to so many romantic, cinematic, modern jetsetter moments in Europe this summer. The life of a writer is the only life for me. xx 💋
  • Coffee date in the Italian Riviera, anyone? Every day in Italy starts with finding the perfect cappuccino. Three insider rules for Italy visitors to find that perfect frothy dream: 1️⃣ Don‘t be confused by the word “bar” (this is an Italian café and the center of social life for locals) 2️⃣ Venture away from the city center to find bars where the locals go; you should always pay less than €2 for a cappuccino. Tourist hotspots charge up to €7 and often a far cry from true Italian coffee culture 3️⃣ Do order a cornetto to go with your coffee; one must do as the Italians do 🥐☕️ 🇮🇹
  • With a summer in Italy around the corner, I’m quickly adapting to CPSR diet: cappuccino, pasta, spritz, repeat. May can’t come soon enough. Stay tuned to the blog this week for a guide to one of Italy’s most coveted destinations, my Nonna’s gnocchi recipe, weekend reads and our big wedding destination reveal (+ a little official change to our addresses in the world). #ModernJetsetter 💋
  • There is no destination in the world sweeter than the one I experienced today: next to my little brother’s side when he  found out he’s having a little baby boy - in the most country way ever. Thank you Kelsey for loving my brother the way you do, being an instant sister and for already being the most incredible mama to our Kipton. We can’t wait to spoil that boy with our love (and plenty of storytime with aunty in between duck hunting season). I love you three with all of my heart xx

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