Whiskey in a Teacup

I’ve loved Reese Witherspoon since her southern sass in Sweet Home Alabama (my go-to comfort film for every occasion since age 11) and my admiration for her female force has only grown with the launch of her lifestyle company Draper James, book club Hello Sunshine and her general habit of overcoming odds to push the business narrative forth for women. Also, she’s managed to maintain the same humble charm through every summit of her career; if there is anything to treasure in the world, its a woman unapologetically true to herself.

First bit of breaking news: Daniel and I made the move to sweet southern life. To say I’m in dire need of southern guidance? Understatement. Her gorgeous book Whiskey in a Teacup belongs on the coffee sweet tea table in every southern home. From classic southern comfort food recipes, golden wisdom from her grandma to the secret to decorating a home fit for antebellum royalty, every page of this book felt like a warm porch-side conversation with an old friend and has helped make my transition from full-time city life to the splitting time in the south all the more romantic.

Additionally, I’ve filled my closet with Draper James staples – always dresses. Reese’s designs capture the effortless elegance southern women have kept intact for generations. Coming from Brooklyn where yoga pants were standard uniform to a quintessential southern town like Charleston where keeping up appearances is still very much a culture, it’s been a welcome change (the whole southern belle treatment isn’t horrible). Southern women are a classic cocktail of sass, strength and style, and every Draper James piece captures just that. Being southern seems to be more than a state of mind, but rather how you carry yourself with gumption through every mountain of life.

Reese is the perfect example of a female voice that has cultivated a more powerful narrative for woman with every project touched. I always tell my friends that one day I’ll be her friend and my novel will be featured in her book club Hello Sunshine (it’s a goal), but currently she serves as my inspiration for building a lifestyle brand that pioneers meaningful change.

I’m excited to attend her event in Washington, DC this October.

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  • Trips with the brilliant @paisleygamble never disappoint. Our last girls trip in  France was everything. My heart was enduring a hurricane and everything in my life - without exception - turned into a phenomenon I can only describe as an upside down Christmas tree with the needles everywhere. Still, the laughter, conversations, reflection and fearless exploring fed my spirit and it turned into the best trip of my life. This time in Italy, I’m full of nothing but lightness and gratitude for the places, miracles & moments my heart and mind have experienced. When life gives you a lesson, pay close attention to the people who stay in your corner, hold a mirror to your face and make sure you never forget the woman you are or what you’re capable of. We like stunning, we like shining; no hurricane stands a chance at dimming that light 💫
  • Verbrachte den Tag mit langen Spaziergängen... Mathematik in meinen Gedanken und füllte mein Herz und meine Augen mit Alpinlicht // Spent today on long walks...doing mathematics in my thoughts and filling my heart and eyes with that alpine light xx (nurturing my German on this trip) 💋
  • We‘re far from the shallow now 🎼🏔💋 // Palm trees against mountains...it is real. Spending a few more quiet days in the summit of Bolzano to write important alpine novel scenes, reflect and steadily prepare for the wonders of 2019. 😌
  • We drove narrow snowy alpine backroads to the summit of the mountain range that separates Italy and Austria 🇮🇹🇦🇹 Village hopping, country music, halting for cows, making wishes in tunnels...🏔No matter how high or treacherous the path, a gal must never leave roads unexplored. Forge new paths when old ones end. Conquer summits with smiles. Mountains were made for powerful hearts and quick minds...and New Yorkers 😉💋
  • That darling walk through Bolzano ♥️

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